Seasons of a Poetic

The storytelling of a poetess journeying through the four seasons of life.



An Ode to My Unborn Brother

Hey baby boy,

If you were here, I would give you the kiss of autumn

Mahogany lips pressed on your forehead creating a unique imprint.

I would love you, let you know that fall is a season

Not a declination of your soul’s worth.

What if you were born in the winter?

Your skin blue and eyes like crystals,

Your touch like snowflakes uniquely designed

Forming on the right side of my face.

If you were to ever cry like the spring time,

I’d shower you with my love,

Together, we would blossom as you blush

Like cherries on your cheeks.

And when the sun goes to sleep,

You will dawn the next morning

For you are my summer and I love you,


Photo Credit: Victoria Charko ~ @victoriacharko

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