Seasons of a Poetic

The storytelling of a poetess journeying through the four seasons of life.

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

I fell so deep it was gravity weighing me down

I was hoping you'd bring me up never down

You were hoping for me to come around town

but you moved on uptown

You left me, ran out before you could say good bye

Rolled a spliff while I was drying my eyes....

I just wanted to run away with you

Fall so deep into the wells in your eyes, to make you realize

there wasn't room for both her and I and that I was down to ride.

I wanted to be the oasis you could soar in 'cause these wings, 

these wings gave me a purpose. 

The book with camouflage textiles was given to you
to deliver you, to let you know that I’d fight for you and that I love you

I always have and always will.

Your skin is white as snow and those wings were too large
to enter your bedroom door...

So enhance your vibe and come alive, 

I'm starting to miss you again.